Black Eyed Pea January 1 Club Officers      
IMAC Training
Moved to TX Wings
January 29 Rick Byrd 817-291-7752    
SAE March 10,11,12 Gerry Stanford 817-773-7533 Video  
Senior Pattern April 22 Ken Knotts 469-441-6761 Flyer Scores
Warbirds May 13 Ed Kettler 469-867-7981 Flyer  
Old Farts June 7 Ken Knotts 469-441-6761 4-stroke engines only
Independence Day July 4 Club Officers Fun Fly and Foamy Combat
Combat Rules
Funfly Rules
Senior Pattern July 15 Pat Ensign 816-835-6580    
Float Fly August 5 Woody Lake 817-675-7613 Camp Joy  Lake Worth  
Try RC Day August Ed Kettler 469-867-7981 AMA National Event  
Senior Pattern September 23-24 Gary Alphin   817-239-7023 SPA West
Pylon Race September 30 - October 1 Gary James 817-689-3778 Flyer  
Texas Elec eXpo October 21 Tom Blakeney 817-734-1917 All Electric Airplanes  
Alliance Airshow October 28-29     Static Displays  
Toys for Tots November 25 Steve Ehlers 817-938-9823    
Christmas Party
December 9 Club Officers 3:00 PM to
10:00 PM
Fort Worth Botanic Gardens "Redbud" room
Events 2017
Major events are scheduled in January, then others are added as they are approved. After they happen they are left in place so that all members can see what has happened and prospective members will know what to look for next year. Previous year events are retained and accessed by the year button. When available, event results will be posted.
Results are published  when submitted by the event  director.Photos by  the director or others are available on the Forum.
link to  Electric Thunderbird Flight
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