All renewing members and new applicants must have a current AMA membership. Join the AMA HERE. There are several classes of Thunderbird Club membership:

INDIVIDUAL is the basic one person membership with full rights and privileges. Dues are $100 per calendar year. New members (not rejoining members) joining after June 30 can pay $50 for the remainder of the year.

FAMILY includes a primary member, spouse and children 18 years old or younger and all residing in the same household. All rights and privileges are included with the exceptions that only one member can vote and only the primary member can hold office. Dues are $110 per calendar year and,  for new members only, $55 after June 30.

JUNIOR is for members 16 years old and younger who do not quailfy as part of a FAMILY membership. JUNIOR members cannot vote or hold office and must be accompanied by a family member (a relative from the same household
) while at the field. Dues are $10 per year.

ASSOCIATE is a member residing more than 50 direct miles from the flying field. ASSOCIATE members cannot vote or hold office. Dues are $50 per calendar year regardless of the joining date.

Dues can be paid online or by check. Either way AN APPLICATION MUST BE COMPLETED AND SENT TO THE TREASURER.  Allow 7 to 10 days for processing and mailing the key to your address.
ONLINE. Use the PayPal form linked to the application. Amounts are increased to cover  PayPal charges.
BY CHECK. Send your check to:
Fort Worth Thunderbirds
ATTN: Chris Berardi, Treasurer
10245 E. Rancho Diego Lane
Crowley, TX 76036
APPLICATION. If using PayPal, submit your application online
HERE. If paying by check, you may submit online or print and mail with your check. Click HERE and you will be mailed a paper form.