Training is available free to anyone on Thursdays during daylight savings time from 4:00 until dark, weather permitting.  Other times may be arranged with intro pilots.  The Thunderbirds provide the aircraft, fuel, buddy box transmitter and all accessories needed to fly.

There will be a brief "ground school" teaching the student the mechanics of the aircraft and how to move the sticks on the transmitter and what they control.

The intro pilot will fly the airplane to a safe altitude then hand over control to the student.  The student will learn how to keep the airplane level and how to make turns.

After learning how to fly the circuit around the course, aerobatics will be introduced where the student will do loops and rolls.  The pace of progress is determined by the student as some pick it up quickly and others take a little longer.  The enjoyment is the same.

Come join us, we look forward to seeing you.
Chief Instructor:  Rex Anderson
Intro Pilots
Woody Lake
Ken Knotts

Helicopters  and Sailplanes -
Chris Berardi
Gary James
Paul Metz
Brian Gates