In Indian lore the Thunderbird was a great and invincible power, half hawk, half eagle, that ruled the skies. Thunder rolled from its wings and lightning flashed from its eyes to ward off danger.

Our club name  was selected by our charter members in 1962. One of those members, Helmer Johnson, was a B-24 pilot in World War II. Helmer trained at Thunderbird Field 2 in Scottsdale Arizona and brought their logo to the club. This photo is from Thunderbird Field 1 in Glendale and  was copied from the movie Thunder Birds.
Our Constitution and Bylaws can also be accessed
from above. Each year our members honor a fellow
member who has made significant contributions to
the club. This is the Thunderbird of the Year and they
are listed in the link above. From time to time,
members are honored with a Life Membership, also
linked above. Finally, old club data is stored in the Archives section.