Following is a list of Thunderbirds who have been recognized for their continuing contribution to the club. A member is chosen to become a life member by the life members themselves. It is special honor to hold the title of Life Member in one of the most historic and successful clubs in the nation.

Ken Knotts
Ed Rankin
Oscar Slaughter
Travis Berry
Mike Hicks
Rodger Spencer

Shirley Osborn
Woody Lake
Chuck McLeroy
Neil Lyle
Dave Dingman
Will Campbell

Darell Cummings
Dell Cummings
Mike Hofer
Bob Lutker
Joe Bridi-Major Kit Manufacturer
Past Life Members-Deceased

Chuck Cunningham
Helmer johnson
Chuck Osborne
Gary Cummins
Joe Jopling
Honorary Life Members-Deceased

Don Dewey  -  RCM Editor
Cliff Weirick  -  Past AMA President
Johnny Clements  -  Past AMA President
Paul Harvey  -  Radio Commentator