Article I - Name
The name of this organization is THE FORT WORTH THUNDERBIRDS RADIO CONTROL
ASSOCIATION INC., hereinafter referred to as THE ASSOCIATION.

Article II - Charter
The association is chartered (Charter Number 1217) by The Academy of Model Aeronautics,
Inc. (of Muncie, Indiana), hereinafter referred to as THE AMA.

Article III - Purpose
The purpose of this association is to promote the safe, educational and technical hobby of model aeronautics. Through the assistance, encouragement and devotion of the Association and its members it is committed to anyone that wishes to build or fly model aircraft. The Fort Worth Thunderbirds are devoted to promoting the enjoyment of each member and visitor through safety, understanding and innovation of the technical evolution of radio controlled model aircraft. The Association will sponsor activities and events directly related to R/C model aeronautics several times each year to support community involvement and to promote the future of the Fort Worth Thunderbirds.

Article IV - Membership
Membership in the association is open to anyone interested in the hobby/sport. An active
member is any person who is up-to-date in the payment of dues and shows interest in the
association’s activities and welfare.

Article V - Quorum
A quorum consisting of 50 percent of the active members or 20 members in good standing,
whichever is smaller shall be required to conduct items of business.

Article VI - Amendments
The Constitution and/or The Bylaws may be amended at any meeting of the association,
provided that members have been notified at least 30 days in advance that such amendment is to
be considered. Official notification as set forth above shall be published in the association